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Hen Party life drawing

A fun filled drawing workshop led by a charismatic male model who can be fully nude for poses they can also host Ice breaker games, drinking games. All drawing equipment will be provided to ensure this one of your most memorable events.

life drawing classes

What can I expect?

We've been doing Hen Parties since 2018 and take great care to make sure everybody has a fun time. We make sure the bride is made to feel special, and the whole group enjoys themselves. You will end up with lots of great photos, memories and drawings! of your fun weekend. 

What's included In Life Drawing Classes

A charming charismatic Hunk of a life model, packed with plenty of fun games to break the ice along with boards, charcoal/pencils paper (all you need to worry about is being in attendance).

The life drawing model will also act as the art tutor providing you with drawing tips as well as endless humour, stories, conversations and jokes.

Everyone will be made to feel special involved and listened to, our models will go the extra mile to ensure you are all left satisfied...with your choice of activity (life drawing...duh)

How to book Life Drawing Classes

Contact us!

Cotswolds Hen Party is an event planner dedicated to providing hassle-free, personalized experiences that make your event an unforgettable occasion. We offer bespoke packages tailored to your event needs, and guarantee the highest quality of service at a competitive cost - simply enquire on our site for a quote! Alternatively, you can contact us directly to discuss your event requirements - feel free to call, text, or email us with the following information: date, time, location, and size of your group.

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