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Buff Butlers / Naked Butlers 

A charismatic male model topless or in a small apron (bum on show) to help serve and entertain your friends and guests for any occasion.

Buff Butlers

What can I expect?

One or more charming charismatic hunks to bring assistance or life to your Hen Party.

Butlers will be on hand to meet and greet, hand out food and drinks (Living up to the name).

They can also be the life and soul of the party with interactive games to include everyone break the ice and make the bride to be feel like a queen.

What's included In Buff Butlers

How to book Buff Butlers

Contact us

Cotswolds Hen Party is an event planner dedicated to providing hassle-free, personalized experiences that make your event an unforgettable occasion. We offer bespoke packages tailored to your event needs, and guarantee the highest quality of service at a competitive cost - simply enquire on our site for a quote! Alternatively, you can contact us directly to discuss your event requirements - feel free to call, text, or email us with the following information: date, time, location, and size of your group.

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